Orientation Program for 8th Prospective Students - August 2020

Why VHS?


Vijaya High School

  High standards and expectations for all students.

  High level of collaboration and communication.

  Curriculum, instructions and assessments aligned with state standards.

  Spacious, well stocked library with digital resources.

  Safe, comfortable, supportive and motivating learning environment.

  Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching.

  Focus on Professional Development.

  A strong, pro-active leadership.

  A clear shared focus.

Campus Walk-through


A walk-through of our huge campus in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. Have a great look at our history and infrastructure



With a history stretching back over six decades the Vijaya Education Institute Trust is recognized as a premier Institution for imparting quality education to students from primary to undergraduate level. A centre for academic excellence and achievements, it is to-day, one of the finest institutions providing the students with modern educational facilities while retaining the traditional values. The VEIT has adopted a dynamic, high quality, creative approach to education. Keeping abreast of modern developments VEIT is constantly restructuring itself to meet the emerging challenges in education.

Every grand edifice has a humble beginning and so is it with VEIT. The first stepping stone was the beginning of Vijaya Kannada Nursery school way back in 1954. It started functioning in a rented building with a large open space thanks to the exemplary generosity of Late Smt. D. Subbamma. In the arduous task of building the institution sustained moral support and visiol’lary guidance were provided to Sri. K.S. Chandrasekhariah by eminent previous presidents late. Sri. P.V. Narasing Rao, Late Sri. NT. Raju, Late Sri. C. J Venkatesha Das, Late. Sri. B.G. Narayanad and Late Sri. V.S. Krishna Iyer.

While the institution was steadily growing imparting quality education to the needy students the City· Improvement Trust Board (Later Bangalore Development Authority) helped the institution by allotting the valuable land on which the impressive building housing Vijaya Kannada nursery school, Vijaya Kannada higher primary school, Vijaya High school, Vijaya Composite Pre-University College and VEIT Degree College stand to-day.

Vijaya Education Institution Trust provides the best of infrastructure and a inspirited ambience to shape the career of students. VEIT in known for a large number of student friendly innovative educational initiatives in tune with its commitment to excellence in education. VEIT in a brand name to reckon with in the quality circles of education and it enjoys a high level of trust and credibility amongst students, parents and all those in the field of education.

The dynamism, vision, commitment and single minded devotion of the founder president and chief executive officer Sii. K.S. Chandrasekhariah coupled with a dedicated faculty and support staffs have been responsible in taking VEIT from its humble beginning to the current imposing heights.